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Yes, I know...It's been a while since my last post here :( I hope I could publish the rest of the Suicide Squad soon...Let's go with Slipknot.

Priming as the rest of the Squad.


We are going to start making a wash with Rhinox Hide very diluted on the clothes and the hair. After doing so, we will use Mournfang Brown and XV-88 to make the lights, in my case I did it with a Drybrush. But, as many tiny-lights we use as much details are preserved. As the final thing to do, we are going to make a new wash with Agrax Earthshade, but just a few ink.

To make the colour base we are going to use Bugman's Glow. Then we make a wash with Reikland Fleshshade and lights with the same Bugman's Glow. In my case I liked as it was so I finished to paint the skin. If you want a more bright skin you can use a 50% mix of Bugman's and Cadian Fleshtone as the final lights.

Belt & Straps
To do the belt and straps we will make a wash with a tiny layer of Abaddon Black. After that we will use a different brown than we used previously to do the lights. In my case I used Graveyard Earth (from the previous GW's color range). The best way to use it is very diluted, as much as you can in order to not cover completely the previous colour. We are going to use it to make some scratches doing some lines in different ways also. To give the impression of a heavy-used straps. Unfortunatelly the pictures aren't good enough to show the detail.

Guns and hair
For the guns we are going to make some lights with Dawnstone y Administratum Grey. And then a final wash with Abaddon Black to make the tones more united. For the hair we use some lights with Dawnstone and that will be all (If you put too much grey you can make a new wash Abbadon, just as with to the guns).

To do the rope at the back and the front part we will use again the Dawnstone and the Administratum Grey, and using Ceramite White as the last light.

Harness and other metallic parts
You can use the tipical way of doing it (Leadbelcher>Ironbraker>Runefang Steel or the previous versions Boltgunmetal>Chainmail>Mithril Silver) or, as in my case, a tecnique called Non Metallic Metal. If someone have some trouble doing this technique or want me to do a tutorial ask for it please. ;)

You only need to do the base and that will be all. Here you have a tutorial that we published before about doing some cool urban bases.

That's all folks!! See you on the next post!! (I hope it will be soon)

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