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Painting step by step: Captain Boomerang

Well, here goes another member of the Squad. In this case, Mr. Boomerang arrives in person.

We will start painting the raincoat. You may find it more comfortable to start with the skin, but I started with the coat because I did it following the same steps as for Slipknot's clothes. But it will be more convenient to start from more internal to more external areas. We will paint the boots in the same way.

For the skin we will use Tallarn Flesh of base color (a base color of the range of the Citadel Foundation). We will enlight it first with Elf Flesh, then with a bit of Flayed One Flesh and a Wash with Reikland Fleshshade. If you put to much ink you can enlight it again with Elf Flesh (I do not recommend enlighting with pure Flayed unless it becomes very diluted because the contrast will notice much).

As you see, I painted the pants with the same color as the base to paint it before the boots. The base color for the trousers was Dark Reaper.

Facial Hair

For the beard and hair I used Rhinox Hide of base, I enlight it with Mournfang Brown, XV-88 and Bubonic Brown. At this point it is best to make the eyes by putting Rhinox Hide of base, Flayed One Flesh letting you see the Rhinox and then a little dot with Rhinox.

Jersey and cap
For Jersey we will use Ultramarines Blue, we will wash with Necron Abyss (of the Foundation range of GW) of base tone, we will enlight with Ultramarines Blue, Calgar Blue and Space Wolves Gray. If necessary, because different layers of lights have gone wrong, you could wash with Necron Abyss, or some dark blue that you have to unify tones (although this step is optional if you have been careful when making the lights).

Letters and lines
We wil use gray, but we could use whatever whitish tone we want. In this case he started with Dawnstone, Administratum Gray and White Ceramite in the most prominent areas.
The photo is somewhat more advanced when I was with the pants, but the rest of the photos that I taked of this process were blurred.

Trousers and gloves
Starting from the Dark Reaper we will gradually illuminating it with gray colors, the more we have the better. In my case I used Graphene Gray (from Scale75), Dawnstone and Administratum (adding the colors to the mix little by little) and finally I gave a wash with Abaddon Black to uniform tones. In the same way we can paint the strips of the right boot without doing the final washing.
Finally we will paint the Boomerangs. In my case, I decided to use the MNM technique because I find it fun to do (if someone is interested in this technique, please, tell us to include it in future steps). But you can paint them in the traditional way using Leadbelcher, Ironbreaker and Runefang Steel followed by a small wash of Agrax Earthshade.

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