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Top 10 Close Combat Henchmen - Batman Miniature Game

Following the article we wrote some time ago, proposing ways to do compensated lists for Batman Miniature Game, today we delve into the melee henchmen most interesting.

To do so, a few weeks ago we launched a survey on the BMG official Facebook group, Arkham City Limits, which we ask you thought they were the best melee henchmen for BMG.

The result of the top 10 did you choose was the one that can see in the picture header of this post.
However, we wanted to make the statistical analysis to determine which was the most struggling character, obviating everything else, as the value in reputation, the hardness of character, etc, as we came out too many variables, impossible to attend, and we have focused simply on the potential damage that would be able to inflict the elect henchmen.

The "basic" formula that we thought has been:

P(to hit)+P(not being blocked)+P(to damage)+Factor (maximum damage)+Factor (lethality damage)

  • The probability to impact we have calculated based on an attack to a miniature with Defense 3, being the most frequent defense.
  • Factor (max. possible damage) is the maximum amount of damage that a model can do, and we have obtained giving 1 to the character that can do more damage, Little Spark for his 10 damage, and 0.6 to the least, for their possible damage 6.

  • For Factor (lethality damage) we have obtained adding the following value to the final result:
    • = 0,3
    • = 0,2
    • = 0,15
    • = 0,1
    • = 0,05
    • = 0
We are aware that this formula is only an approximation, subject to subjective assessment, but with this we intend to approach a more objective criterion.

In the following link you can see the full statistical analysis based on the 40 henchmen of Batman Miniature Game with more potential attack:

Assessment of the results:


She is the most expensive henchman in reputation on the list, but also the most lethal. The combination of her katana and her strength and attack 4 place her on the top. She also has a good ability to move thanks to her Acrobat and Climbing Claws, which makes her even more lethal.


He does not have skills to hit better, but if successful he is able to wreak havoc by his mechanic + Sharp and three wounds that makes his weapon, reaching 9 potential  wounds of lethal damage. Ideal for crash other henchman with little defense.

3.-Master of Ceremonies

This is one of the most lethal henchman of the game in relation to the points he costs. His attack and force 4 and the ax-wielding allows him to hurt like electric batton but doing lethal damage and being more difficult to stop than Little Spark. He also has a great resistance against shooting by Elusive and in melee by his Catcher Gear and Hardened.

4.-Little Spark

The potential of this lies in his trait Unpredictable, coupled with one of the best weapons in the game, the electric baton, allowing him to potentially make up to 10 stuns. He can also be included in any band of villains.

5.-Militia Brute

This ashbeast of Attack 4 with electric baton happens to be in the top 5 of the most struggling. In addition, having a great endurance thanks to his Cibernetic and Light Armour. As a handicap, his reduced mobility.


The best in combat from the O'Malley undoubtedly,  armed with a Katar and strength and attack 4 can be devastating, especially with the combination Brutal and Critical: . In addition, if he has to face against rivals with more defense, he has the Owl Knive, which allows him to repeat to hit and to wound, or in case we need to make a Push at one point to ward off our opponents of a target.

7.-William Cobb

Althought the potential damage is not very prominent, up to 6 wounds, his Knive Owl, Handy + Sharp + Combo With, along with his Precise Blow and Strength and Attack 4 makes him one of the most effective when inflict damage.


He has always been one of the most despised, always in the shadow of Master of Ceremonies and Little Spark, but still a very good option with a great endurance, not to mention his Demential Laugh (Distract) base, which allows lower defense of his rivals.

9.- Yang

Yang's potential lies in the combination of his katana and combo with katana, which allows him to do lots of damage. However, his little willpower be his biggest handicap, but if he progresses along his leader and inspires him, the potential damage is triggered reaching 12 potential injuries.

10.-High Security Henchman

His potential force 4, his Attack 4 and combo, the possibility to repeat to hurt and his Devastating Blow, make this henchman is among the top 10 most struggling. It also has a great capacity to endure thanks to his Endurance 8, although we have not taken into account, it is worth mentioning.

Latest conclusions:    
As final conclusions, noting that most of the top 10 have katanas, axes or electric baton, so we can say that these would be the best weapons in the game, they have in common the ability to repeat to impact, handy and other skills to hurt easily as sharp, mechanic or tough, which combines the two aspects will become the ultimate weapons.

Before the debate katana vs axe, katanas win: although not much, 0.55 probability of hurt for katanas compared to 0.5 of the axes, assuming Strenght 5 of its carrier.                     

In any case, if your band do not have any henchmen of the top 10, looking to these who have this  weapons with which surely will give you a good performance.

On the other hand, emphasized that clearly the two bands with the most lethal henchmen are the band of the Joker and the Court of Owls, the former can carry up to 5 of this top and the second 3. The henchmen of the bands of heroes shine for their absence.

Finally comment on the last column "Potential/Reputation" where you can see the top 10 of the most profitable henchmen in relation to the points that cost, according to our model. Topping the list Puoop, the low cost henchman with of Two Faces. Note that most of them are in the place 20-40 of ranking, which gives a lot to think about when making our lists.

And up here our entry, we hope you have found interesting


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  1. Surprised Black Mask's Mule Goon didn't make the list. IMO it's easily one of the best henchmen in the game for its cost.

  2. Looking closer at the results I can see why: how is one blood double the value of two stun? How is one blood one stun three times the value of two stun? Easy answer, they are not in any way shape or form close to that. Two stun is significantly better than one blood in most situations while one blood and one stun is only marginally better than two stun. I find the chart here very dubious, but that's just my opinion.