lunes, 3 de octubre de 2016

How to do alternative markers for lampposts: Barrels with flames

Hello everybody.
How many of us have thought that having a lamppost in the middle of a road is weird? Las week, our friend Sephen Hoinkes uploaded some pictures to Arkham City Limits Facebook page with an alternative proposal for that, something as simple as barrels with flames. From here we thank him letting us to publish this step by step, which is quite easy.

All the steps have been detailed by him.

Step 1

Using a very sharp hobby knife, cut just outside of the bottom bar at the bottom of the base that is used for support. It weakens the base but will get in the way of the battery.
Once that is done, carefully cut a cross shape out of it to fit in the LED.

Step 2

Salvage an LED from a dollar store tealight, they're cheap enough and easy to tear apart to get to the LED inside. Mine came with a housing, not all will but that won't matter in the end.

Step 3

Grab yourself a 1:43 Tamiya barrel and gas can kit. It comes with about 10 barrels (5 damaged and 5 new) as well as 20 or so cans which can be used to decorate bases or tables as well.

Step 4

Glue the LED in the middle of the base so the barrel you'll be using has room to fit around in on the base.

If your LED doesn't come with a housing as mine did, just use a bit of greenstuff to stick into, but make sure the connection points don't go past the bottom of the lip of the base. You want it to be able to stand normally.

Step 5

Glue the barrel over the base and use greenstuff to cover any gaps that may be left from the original cut you made.

The nickle battery used to power it can be stuck onto the bottom and held in place with blue tack so it can be removed easily when not in use.

Step 6

Use some cotton for smoke and you're all set!! Now it's ready for basing and paint! (Airbrush a bit of black to the top of the smoke for a good effect).
Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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