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BMG: Analysis Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad film)

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If the other day the ice broke with Diablo, today it is the turn to one of the Flash villain, and insurance give him many more war in his film: Captain Boomerang.

Beginning with his cost in points, again this is one of the Free Agents listed as cheap with only 48 points of reputation (2 less than Diablo), although again implies a cost of $200 dollars.
On the offensive side, again must emphasize his varied arsenal of Boomerangs, which was the case with the previous version, although in this case is not as extensive (for something costs 34/$150 less).

From a distance the feeling remains of using a weapon like the boomerang, representing the swing of this effect allowing repeat to impact (Master Marksman), and by Ricochet (1SC) can make, if his attack has impacted their objetive, It may leave rebounded to a new model in line of sight of the original objective, and can also benefit from Master Marksman. This film version of Digger comes with a new trait that will allow him to shoot without having to expose the opponent: Monitoring Device (1SC), which will allow him to shoot his Boomerangs with Remote Controlled besides winning himself Total Vision to the end round (also useful to protect of Sneak Attacks). In addition, all his distance Boomerangs still maintain their Short Range, which is one of the drawbacks of this character.

As far as armament are concerned, he has the already known Bladed Boomerang that will not only allow him to shoot even moving ROF 2 (Throwing) but also it is possible to reroll to wound (Sharp). In addition, it is a good tool against all those enemies with Dodge (such as Acrobat), because his Agility checkup must apply a -1 penalty for its Accurate. Note that although divide their attack between 2 different goals, only one of them could be applied Ricochet.

His other distance Boomerang is novelty: LE Boomerang, although the only thing different about it is that is Firearm and it damage is 100% lethal, unlike other Boomerangs they cause . Its main drawback is that in this case affects if he moves before shooting.

In melee this George also has something to say, despite his attack stops not be like a common Henchmen (Attack 3), his Melee Boomerang does not only apply double damage (), with the consequent loss of counters in the opponent that entails, but it lets him repeat to hurt.

In defensive section the only highlight is his Elusive, that in exchange for 1MC and passively will allow him to improve his Defense to 4 against ranged attacks until the end of the round.

The interesting thing is given in section Support/Control. One of the main reasons for their low cost, with his Endurance 5, is that it is limited in controlling objectives, as only Loot and Safe Boxes guarantee VP for them (Greed). Although this is not all bad, as his avarice is bonified in the case of the loot thanks to his Primary Target: Loot, but with his short range of action, his value 2 of movement and not be able to add equipment upgrades, they make this may not be such an easy task as in other characters with this trait (Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, Mr. Pink), taking into account that are deployed near the opponent's area (depending on the scenario).

In short, George "Digger" Harkness is a good character to harass rival from close range thanks to his Boomerangs and to shoot entirely covered by Monitoring Device (1SC). If you know choose which target to attack, it is quite possible to hurt, since his Master Marksman allows him to repeat failed impacts, and the Sharp of his Bladed Boomerang or the Firearm of LE Boomerang can assure wounds. In the defensive section, if Digger has been forced to leave their hiding place, he can still improve his Defense to 4 against ranged attacks thanks to be Elusive. Finally, the main characteristic note of this new Captain Boomerang is that the only goals that gives VP are those related to money: Loot and Safe, the first besides be his favourite and can scoring double for it (Primary Target: Loot), but to get it only has his Movement 2 and short-range weapons. Thus, the main weaknesses of this character are his Endurance 5, his Ammo 3 and not being able to score all the goals.

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