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FAQs BMG February 2016

Hello everybody.
Today we haven't had any spoiler about Marvel Miniature Game, but some new FAQs has been published in Arkham City Limits Facebook by Endalyon Montgomerie. Although there are not so many changes, they few of them are quite interesting. You can check the original document here.

The first one is an explanation about the Supernatural trait. If some months ago both Solomon Grundy and Swamp Thing received this trait, today we finally know its meaning, and as it was expected their attacks deal the new type of damage: Magic, which has been also released this month with Cyborg and Hawkgirl, and lets to ignore other traits such as Thought Skin (Killer Croc and Gotham Butcher) and the still unknown Invulnerable and Incorporeal traits.

The second one and maybe the most important is the new cost of the Boss of the crew: 0$, and it doesn't matter if he/she is a Leader (although all of them has a 0$ with the exception of Gordon, who is also Sidekick on a Batman crew) or a Sidekick, and here is the main change. Checking all the affected profiles:
PersonajeCosteBandas afectadas
Arkham Knight
Black Mask, Law Forces, Organized Crime, Two-Face
Red Hood
Batman, Organized Crime
Green Arrow
Batman, Green Arrow
Nyssa Al Ghul
League of Shadows
Talia Al Ghul (comic)
League of Shadows, LexCorp
Batman, Law Forces
Green Arrow
Killer Frost
Mr. Freeze
Joker's Daughter
Goblin Knight
Goblin Cult

With these change, maybe the most affected characters are:
  • Cyborg: Soon we will publish a comparative between Batman, Cyborg and Nightwing. So many times Nightwing has made Batman to disappear from a lot of lists, and now with the 0$ cost of Cyborg maybe the Dark Knight is even more out of them, at least at competitive level.
  • Arkham Knight: Now it is possible to combine him with the Militia Gatling Brute. Before that change, playing with both of them had a cost of 500 + 850 = 1350$, which made quite hard to complete de rest of the gang.
  • Branden: Maybe he will be seen even more, specially working with Alpha. The most remarkable of that is he can go with Loeb on an Organized Crime crew leading it and having 0$ cost; or with Red Hood and one of them is free (regarding the $ cost). Also it can't be forgotten that Two-Face crew is a gang with many Henchmen with a $ cost. 
  • Green Arrow: It was annoying that some $ were needed for leading a Green Arrow crew with him, even more taking into account that Arrow can me more difficult to be used, so the decision of using Green Arrow is quite common. It is also true that having not so many Henchmen with a $ cost and not being able to pick more than a SWAT didn't affected too much to that crew, at least now some Henhcmen can pick an extra ammo clip.
  • Talia Al Ghul (comic): Now it makes sense the 300$ extra she gives to her gang, even more having in mind that the cost of her Mauser only let the gang to have +50$.
  • Deathstroke: It is not as remarkable as on the Arkham Knight's case, but having this character without any cot of $ is something that shouldn't be ignored.
  • Gordon: Poor Gordon was out of almost all the lists, maybe this little change can bring him again to the battlefield.
  • Goblin Knight: It must not being forgotten that SMG is an expansion for BMG, so all the rules affecting it also affect SMG.
Greetings and we keep reading in La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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