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Lists 1st tournament La Biblioteca de Alfred ReQ 2016

Hi to everyone.

Just 2 days of the great tournament to finally will come 17 brave (and me making player number 18) from different areas such as Albacete, Castellón, Madrid and Valencia today is a day to make public the lists we will see, no without first giving some curious data.

Starting on the wing, taking into account the 16 playable bands today (removing the Teams, Mr Freeze and Lexcorp), the percentage of "good against evil" has clearly decided in favor of the villains.

As a variety of bands are concerned, of the 16 already mentioned we will can be seen up to 9 different, being Batman the most used, although with different versions of the Dark Knight: Arkham Knight (only repeated), DKR, and Animated; in the case of Joker something like this happens, since two of them are led by the original Joker (Arkham City), and the third for his beloved Harley Quinn. Again the same applies to the League of Shadows, being the Liam Neson Ra's Al Ghul which doubles up in command of these bands, while the third is Lady Shiva in charge of carrying the battle (striking to see with she the defunct Talia of Arkham City). Finally, and not to be different from others, in the case of the two bands Green Arrow will both headed by its latest version, the Frank Miller Green Arrow.

Another curious data that always seems to get attention is who Free Agents are the most used, and here the good do win by overwhelming majority although not even 50% of the bands. The Deadshot, Riddler and Catwoman both had seen so far have given way to the pair of hawks that much discussion have generated, especially Hawkman present in 4 out of 18 lists (though they are 5, since it is also present in the Birds of Prey team), behind his partner Hawkgirl is present in 3 lists (4 if the Birds of Prey is counted), and Catwoman is maintained at this podium with also appeared on 3 lists.

Finally, with the expansion of The Flash & The Arrow still fresh, it can be seen in table 2 band using the Speed Force (Reverse Flash TV and Kid Flash) and a single Team: The Birds of Prey. Personally I would have liked to take the Batmobile to say that the tournament has been played everything, but I do not think that has even a nimble mastery of its rules to be playing and refereeing at a time. Another thing that people feared see are the dreaded lists "bi-hawk" and indeed this has been since 4 lists based on them, including Birds of Prey

About my list little comment. Looking for a quick and easy list to bring to leave me time to control the other tables. The initial idea was to bring Batman Arkham Knight next to Batmobile and Damian Wayne, but as mentioned previously this could not be. So one of the combinations that I've been wanting to try was the tandem of Batman and Robin Arkham Knight and their combined power; Hawkman enters this equation mainly because he completed only 350 points.

Once seen this little analysis, here I leave a link where you can see all lists, although in one pdf.

Greetings and hope to see you on Saturday.

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