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Spoiler Batmobile card

Hello everyone.

Last Monday at the end of the day on the Spanish forum the desired Batmobile card was posted. There are a lot of doubts on the air, but one of the most wondered was solved: It's cost, nothing more and nothing less than the needed founding for preparing a list with 350 reputation points. It is true nothing is known about the impact of the vehicles on the game neither their behaviour, but looking at the card some assumptions can be made.
The 1st remarkable thing on the card is the rank: Vehicle/Legend. On the last FAQ something about a Legend rank was mentioned and the impact of this on the other ranks of the profile, which means the Batmobile adds a new ranks to the known ones such as are Leader, Sidekick, Free Agent and Henchmen: the Vehicle rank (Legend as well).

The other remarkable aspect is its cost in $: $15000, which means it can only be used for games with at least 301 reputation points. Thinking in terms of 350 points, between the Batmobile and the obligation of having to add a batman to the crew to pilot/control it, which is obvious, both of them cost almost 300 points of the list (depending of the selected Batman), and it lefts the band without more founding for investing in equipment and/or characters.

Regarding the rest only a few things can be said without knowing how those attributes are translated to vehicles, but it is remarkable here is not a Willpower attribute, instead of that appears a new one called Handling which invites to think this one is the equivalent for vehicles, even more reading "Remote Driving" trait which specifies Batman must assign action counter, which again let's us think that will be only Batman or the Batmobile who will take some leadership during that round, due to it seems the Dark Knight must use his counters for realizing actions with his car.

About the movement something can be suposed reading Combat-mode trait, it seems to be that the movement of the vehicles will be on a straight line, although tjere must be any way to turn the vehicle. From the rest of the profile it is also remarkable the Endurance 12, the highest until today.

Regarding Defense, although at a first view it has the same handicap as the Large models due to its value 3, it happens something similar with Militia Brute 1 but instead of having a Light Armour it has a Heavy one, which translated to numbers it means every injury roll has to apply a -3 to succeed. That means even the best fighters such as Ras Al Ghul who normally damages at 3+ now must obtain a 6+ to succeed; Firearms (and Beam) must obtain a 5+. Now is the time when the famous Anti-Tank trait beings to make sense not only ignoring that armour, also allowing any re-roll on the failure dices, although all the Anti-Tank weapons until today must apply a -1 due to they are Imprecise (with the exception of the Batpod), so that means there is 50% chance. Finally for that defensive aspect, that Batmobile comes with a trait that will remember us the Tim Burton's films: all the close combat attacks with the Batmobile can be a problem for the attacker for its Shock Armour.

On the offensive aspect the Batmobile is an mobile arsenal due to it has enough ammo for being shooting during 7 rounds, an some of its weapons have unlimited range. If vehicle do not have their ROF reduced to one due to moving before shooting, the Batmobile has enough power for cleaning by itself an entire board, so let's hope vehicles lose also ROF for moving. Regarding its "little" arsenal:

  • Minigun: ROF 5, range of 40 cm and it injuries at 2+. At least it has a -1 to the impacts because it is Imprecise.
  • Riot Gun: One of the two weapons with unlimited range, although on this case it damages at 3+.
  • Missile Barrage: Only 1 ammo. It has all the advantages and disadvantages of the Minigun, but it also uses Explosive template. At least being Imprecise add some difficult to break the lampposts because those are impacted at 3+.
  • 60 mm Cannon: With ROF 1 this is the perfect weapon for moving and shooting. Due to its unlimited range it is possible to look for a good shooting position also combined with Combat-Mode. Also it is the Antitank weapon this Batmobile comes with, so if it is facing for example another Batmobile they can begin attacks between them soon, and causing 4 damage for each successful hit.

The main principle of the Dark Knight about not killing is still kept because all the damage caused by its weapons are considered contusions.
Summarizing, some things can be supposed, but of course that after looking the card as carefully as possible a lot of questions are raised about how vehicles rule's are. One of the ones I'm concerned most is how scenography can affect the vehicles, we are evolving from 3-4 cm base miniatures to miniatures without a base size and which begin to have a size to be considered when preparing the board.

Some pictures given by MinaK from the Spanish forum:

Regards and we keep reeding at La Biblioteca de Alfred and Reino de Juegos.

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