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We've created an army list of DC Universe Miniature Game for the free army builder software BattleScribe 2.0 or higher.

This army list includes all the characters and Team Cards released by Knight Models, and we will be updating as new ones appear.

The URL of the repository on Battlescribe Data Files that will be updated is:

Same clear link to copy/paste:

The app BattleScribe can be downloaded from here:

Android     Apple     PC and others

We recommend on each update to delete all data as explained below. The roster created won't be deleted, unless used a non-existing catalogue.

21/02/2018 | VERY IMPORTANT:  
Since Marvel Universe is out of the market, we have decided to separate the DC and Marvel systems and therefore discontinue the previous Super Hero Universe Miniature Game.

In order to use the new of DC and remove the Super Hero one, follow these steps:

- In the Manage Data option of Battlescribe, delete the Game System Super Hero Universe Miniature Game.
- Use the Delete all data and Delete all rosters option. (Very important step). If you have Rosters made from other games, you must delete 1 by 1 each Super Hero Universe Roster.
- Add the new DC Universe Miniature Game System from Battlescribe Data. You can use the link above or, in the latest updates of Battlescribe, use the option to add it from the repository.

This configuration is explained below, in the SETUP IN ANDROID/SETUP REPOSITORY part.

We apologize for any inconvenience this update may cause.



DC Universe Miniature Game Game System: Previously called Super Hero Universe Miniature Game, made minor changes, changed version to V7.
DC - Darkseid Villains: New Catalogue including Darkseid, Steppenwolf and Parademon 1, 2 and 3, version 1.
DC - Justice League Heroes: Previously called DC - Superhuman Heroes, added characters until February 2018, updated version to V4. 
DC - Justice League Villains: Previously called DC - Superhuman Villains, added characters and Team Cards until February 2018, updated version to V5.


Super Hero Universe Miniature Game System: Minor changes made, changed to V6.
DC - Superhuman Heroes: Added Aquaman, Catwoman and Supergirl, changed catalogue to V3. 

DC - Superhuman Villains: Added Catwoman, changed catalogue to V4.

DC - Superhuman Heroes: Added Green Lantern, changed catalogue to V2. 
DC - Superhuman Villains: Added Sinestro, changed catalogue to V3.

14/12/2016 DC - Superhuman Villains: Added Lex Luthor Warsuit and Black Adam, changed catalogue to V2.
We recommend to delete all data as explained below due to many changes and fixes.

- Marvel Universe Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game have been unified on the same army list, so now the name will be Super Hero Universe Miniature Game.
The version of the game system Marvel Miniature Game has been increased to v5.
- Added the new factions DC - Superhuman Heroes and DC - Superhuman Villains, to the other factions have been added the Marvel - phrase.
- Added the new changes to the published Marvel characters, as you can see on the FAQ and character card on the website of Knight Models.
- Added the new Team Cards for Marvel - Superhuman Heroes, DC - Superhuman Heroes and Marvel - Mutant Heroes. Have been added the property [Name of the Team card] member to the characters that can achieve the requirement (for example, Superman has the property Justice League of America member). Once completed the requirements, you can choose the bonus as an equipment to any character.

Marvel - Superhuman Heroes: Added Daredevil, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Punisher and Team Cards • House Party Protocol with Remote Suits and • The Mighty Avengers, characters updated, changed catalogue to V7.
Marvel - Superhuman Villains: Added Green Goblin, changed catalogue to V2.
Marvel - Mutant Heroes: Characters updated, added Team Card • The Uncanny X-Men, changed catalogue to V6.
Marvel - Mutant Villains: Characters updated, changed catalogue to V5.
Marvel - Cosmic Heroes: Characters updated, changed catalogue to V7.
Marvel - Cosmic Villains: Fixed minor issues, changed catalogue to V2.
DC - Superhuman Heroes: Added Batgirl, Batman, Black Canary, Cyborg, Flash, Green Arrow, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, Kid Flash, Ravager, Starfire, Superman, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Superman, Team Card • Justice League of America, catalogue V1. 
DC - Superhuman Villains: Added Bane, Black Manta, Clayface, Deadshot, Deathstroke, Harley Quinn, Joker, Killer Frost, Lobo, Poison Ivy, Professor Zoom, Ra's Al Ghul, Ravager, Solomon Grundy, catalogue V1.

We recommend to delete all data as explained below due to many changes and fixes.

Added the faction Cosmic Villains, that now only has Dr. Doom as an eligible character.
Deleted the faction Guardians of the Galaxy because contained conceptual errors. Now you can choose the item •Team Bonus Guardians of the Galaxy in Cosmic Heroes.
To choose that item you must choose a minimum of 5 of the required characters (that have a new detail called Guardian of the Galaxy), then the item will appear and, once selected, you can choose the add-on Speed +1 in any maximum 3 characters.

Superhuman Heroes: Fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V6.
Mutant Villains: Fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V4.
Cosmic Heroes: Added the item of cost 1 Level •Team Bonus Guardians of the Galaxy, added the option Speed +1 to all characters and the detail Guardian of the Galaxy to all characters except Dr. Doom, changed the catalogue to V6.
Cosmic Villains: Added Dr. Doom, version 1.
Guardians of the Galaxy : Deleted due to conceptual errors.

Added the Roster Superhuman Villains and Guardians of the Galaxy, that requires a minimum of 5 characters to show the special element Team Bonus of this group. This bonus gives the chance to choose +1 Speed for 3 characters.
The version of the game system Marvel Miniature Game has been increased to v4.

Superhuman Heroes: Added Dr. Doom, Ares and The Thing, changed catalogue to V6.
Superhuman Villains: Added Sentry, Iron Patriot, Ms. Marvel, Ares and Dr. Doom, version V1. 
Cosmic Heroes: Added The Thing and Dr. Doom, changed catalogue to V5.
Guardians of the Galaxy : Added Groot, Drax, Gamora, Starlord, Rocket Raccoon, Nova, The Thing and Team Bonus, version 1.

The version of the game system Marvel Miniature Game has been increased to v3.

Superhuman Heroes: Added Iron Man Hulkbuster MK44, added the check to not have both Anthony Stark, fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V4.
Mutant Heroes: Added Magneto, fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V5.
Mutant Neutrals: Deleted.
Mutant Villains: Added Magneto, Pyro, Lady Mastermind, Toad and Sabretooth, changed catalogue to V2.
Cosmic Heroes: Fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V4.

An important general modification have been made in the factions of the game, mainly to name them as appears in the official rulebook.
The version of the game system Marvel Miniature Game has increased to v2.

Now the factions are:
Superhuman Heroes (Avengers before)
Cosmic Heroes (Guardians of the Galaxy before)
Mutant Heroes (X-Men before)
Mutant Neutrals
Mutant Villains

Superhuman Heroes: Added Hulk, fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V3.
Mutant Heroes: Added Emma Frost and Jean Grey, fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V4.
Mutant Neutrals: Added Emma Frost and Gambit, version V1.
Mutant Villains: Added Emma Frost and Gambit, version V1.
Cosmic Heroes: Fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue to V3.

X-Men: Added Nightcrawler, changed catalogue version to v3.
Avengers: Added Hawkeye and Vision, changed catalogue version to V2.

X-Men: Added Gambit, changed catalogue version to v2.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Added Groot, fixed minor bugs, changed catalogue version to v2.
Avengers: Fixed minor bugs.


Although the management of the program is very simple,we give you a step by step guide to setup and manage the Android's version, which does not differ much from how to setup on other platforms:


After installing the app, open it and select the next option:

Copy the URL of the repository of Super Hero Universe Miniature Game, paste in the next field and select the + button:

Use the Refresh icon to update the repository:

If everything goes fine you'll see this message:


In the main window use the option +:

Write the name of the roster, the points limit to play and the game system Super Hero Universe Miniature Game v#. Once written the necessary use the button + to choose the force:

On Catalogue choose the affiliation and use the button Ok:

Then use the tick button:

Use the button +:

And choose the characters you want to add using the button +:

Once chosen you can view their characteristics selecting the character and using the eye button:

If you have any problem to update the repository on Android you have to delete all the local data following the next steps:

Push the next button:

Open the contextual menu of your phone and choose the option Delete all data, confirming the action:

Enjoy it! Any question, comment or error/improve notification will be really useful for us.

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