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Batman and it's metagame

BMG's metagame has settled 7 as the optial amount of models for configurating a crew. In this article it will be analized why this number altogether with some interesting variables: large crews and small crews.

When you start playing BMG, I advice you go with a 6-8 members crew, that is, looking for a standar configuration inside the metagame. Amongst the most novel players it's common to play huge crews of 9 models or more. I think this will give you more troubles than advantages when playing. Making a comparison with a Rol game, we could say that 7 is the warrior of the crews, an all-terrain, an amount of miniatures with wich any player, no matter his veterany, may attend for good results. Both larger and smaller crews demand a superior domain of the game if you want to take the 100% they can offer.

A 6 to 8 list offers us the next advanteges:
-Enough number of models for both attacking and defending.
-Great tactical flexibility. The more characters you have, the more roles you can use.
-It's reasonably easy to learn the rules of any model and the way it works the best.
A standard list usually follows the example we show. You must take in count that there are several variables, such as the crew style, they palyer style... so it's rare to see a crew that follows the example 100%.
-2 ass-kickers.
-1 or 2 shooter
-1 or 2 control characters.
-2 expendable minios or objective hunters.

An ass-kicker usually has a 3 or 4 attack value, almost allways with a double damaging weapon, better if at least one of them is blood and counting with traits such as handy, heavy or sharp. Usually they have a high endurance value but there are several exceptions.

A control character may be of two different kinds: support or annoying-riddler. The first kind works by giving power ups to his allies and supporting them while the second kind has traits focused on hindering enemy models.

The shooter carries a ranged weapon, usually a medium range or superior but there are cases that a gunslinger may take this role. They provide with distant suport to the resto of the crew and they work pretty well by reducing your enemy's numbers in the first turns.

The objective hunters and the expendable minions are two different clases I choose to put together because they usually aren't good choices for anything alse than controling or defending objectives. And you need no more from them, that's all the reason you want them. The main difference is that the objective hunters usually is a more valuable character and more focused on getting VP while the minions is a 15 or less cost model that you don't care if you leave him behind closing sewers or protecting objectives.

After you have played some games and you play well you'll might be facing one of the next cases: You have grown accostumed to a crew with wich you have come to get nice results and you use it as often as you can because you know it works, what usually drives to halt as a player... or you decide to start experimenting. Changing of crew, of styles... Most surely you'll have poor results for a while. You don't know the list. However, with time and games, you'll come to know several ways of playing, different strategies, the inner work of several crew... And then you'll become a better player and you'll be able to take head on any crew without fear. I admire the player who leaves the known list and goes to a tournament with a new one. When you'll reach this point you can expect the greatest results from the crazyest lists you'll come up to. I see it as a series of challenges and I encourange you to do so, to look for challenge-crew that help taking to the light the best of you. And now I want to share with you my courrent challenge:

The challenge of 3. Experiment with lists of 3 models. My first challenge was the Coslada's tournamente. There, I played with a list of Batman, Nightwing and the Arkham Knight and I achieved the first position. With this I want to show that any kind of list may get good results.

At the Rol en Quart touranament, I will use the next list of the Scarecrow crew:
Arkham Knigh full equiped

In future ariticles we will anlize in depth all of the roles previously exposed and i will analize the requirements for the optimal performance of a small crew using some mini-reports of the games that i will play at the ReQ tournament. See you there!

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